How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Hii want to do blogging and don’t have budget so choose blogspot . Today in this helpful article I tell you. How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot and give you step by step guide. And you learn how create Free Blog on Blogspot (blogger) and also describes you all features details and how create post on blogspot and more.

There are many blogging platform available but blogspot is best for beginners is also known as Google Blogger. Blogspot provide lifetime hosting and a subdomain it’s provided by Google so it’s best.

So let’s check some things before creating free blog on Blogspot that what is a blog ? what is blogging ? why do blogging? And why Blogspot is best for beginners ? And final how Create A Free Blog on Blogspot ?

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What Is A Blog ?

figure id="attachment_749" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-749" style="width: 276px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

A blog or website is an online diary or informational website. It display information in reverse chronological order, with latest posts and our opinion and etc. Blog is a platform for writers where they can share there opinion and views.

A Blog typically includes text, pictures, videos, animated etc. Blog used for personal use, sharing information with an exclusive group or to engage the public, a blog owner can set their blog for private or public access . Blog is mostly made for publicly access. So anyone can typically find the blog through links and keyword, names.

A Blog content appear continuous streaming page or posts on online it help to users.

Blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. Blog display experience, opinion, views of a person group.

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

In simple word blogs written by one person and groups are updated regularly. Blogs are written on a particular topic. Blogs can written on any topic that you can think . Some blogs topics for create a blog photography, to spirituality, to recipes, technology, health. Blogs cab share ideas, make friends with and even do business with people with similar interests from around the world and connect you wright audience .

Some purpose of starting a Blog ->

There are many reasons for starting a Blog. Blog for business, Blog for projects, or anything else that might bring you money .

  • For starting online business, you rely on consumers to keep buying your products and services.
  • The main purpose of a blog is to connect you to the relevant audience.
  • Another one is to boost your traffic and send quality leads to your website or blog.
  • Blog start for getting traffic and values and lead.
  • Blog also allows you to showcase your authority and build a brand.

So Blog is the best way to share knowledge or thoughts using text. In blog we share educational knowledge, technical, relationship, health, etc on blog or website. if you have any kind of knowledge and you want to share it with others, you can use a blog. The blog is the way to share your knowledge in worldwide. So you can create a Free Blog on Blogspot and start a blog completely free.

What is Blogging ?figure id="attachment_790" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-790" style="width: 276px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Blogging is the skills that one needs to run and control a blog. Equipping web page with tools to make the process of writing, posting, and sharing content easier on the internet. Blogging started as a way to have an online personal website .

Blogging is the best way to share knowledge or thoughts using text on website or blog. In blogging we share educational knowledge, technical, relationship, health, etc on blog or website. if you have any kind of this knowledge and you want to share it with others, so you can use a blog.

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide

And Updating blogs and do online work on websites, this process known as blogging. And other word blogging involved a personal web in which anyone or person would share there ideas, views, opinions etc.

So you can create a Free Blog on Blogspot and start bogging.

Why do Blogging ?p>If you have any educational knowledge, technical, relationship, health, etc and you want to share it with others, you can use a blog and start blogging. Blogging have many benefits which I described some below.

Benefits of doing Blogging ->

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

You can Share Your Knowledge

If you have any educational knowledge, technical, relationship, health, etc you can share it with others, by a blog and start blogging. In blogging you can share Share Your Knowledge.

You can Express Yourself and Share Your Passions

Blogging help you to Express Yourself and Share Your Passions. Blogging help you to make your passion a business, politics, personal finance, cooking, photography, or marketing, blogging gives you the opportunity to connect and network with like mind individuals who share the same passions in the world.

You can Build Your Professional Network

Blogging is a community-based network that is one reason people engage in it. If you growed your blog you can make Professional Network for yourself which give benefits, such as gaining access to valuable software and tools, seminars, workshops, product unveilings, and other events and other best opportunity.

You can Make Money and earn more easily

By Blogging You can Make Money and earn more easily. This is most common reasons for starting a blogging. Every beginners start a blog for earning high .

You can earn more money by blogging by doing affiliate and showing advertisement, promoting products and etc.

Also Read -> 20 easy ways to earn money online

Blogging make you famous worldwide as a blogger

By doing Blogging you can make famous worldwide as a blogger and it make your high reputation as a blogger and you know as a Blogger teachers and you started to getting biggest opportunity for successful life.

Make millions of dollar per month by blogging (after some hard work)

By blogging you can make millions of dollar per month by blogging. But for the you need to hard work and you need to give times on blogging and you need to do SEO etc. After your hard work you started to get millions of dollar after some time hard work.

Share your knowledge to worldwide

The biggest opportunity of Blogging that you can Share your knowledge to worldwide. Also you can start helping each other by sharing your experiences, ideas, knowledge. And by it you feel good. And helping feel give us awesome feelings.

You can start your own company

If you want to start a company and want to promote it so everyone can know that it’s your so start blogging and create a blog which describes your company details and products etc. and make your own company.

Work as per your time

In blogging you can work anytime. Blogging is easy and you can do blogging anytime whenever you are free.

Get more leads and traffic for your business by Blogging

Blogging is top source for getting more leads and traffic for your business. You can easily create a blog and by sharing it you can get more leads and traffic for your business and increase your business growth.

Blogging Refine Your Writing Skills

In Blogging your writing skills make improved so you can work any writing jobs. And start your courier in writing.

Market Your Business

By Blogging You can Market Your Business easily and promote it easily. Blogging definitely market your business and give a new look to your business and it tell more about your business to your audience.

These are a few benefits of doing Blogging. So that’s benefits for choosing Blogging . So I hope you understand benefits of starting Blogging.

Top topics for starting a Blog which give you good traffic and good money so check out below.

■ How to Make Money Online

■ Health and Fitness

■ Personal Finance

■ Beauty and Fashion

■ Food

■ Lifestyle

■ Technology blog

■ Sports blog

■ Mobiles/Gadgets blog

■ Blog & Website Design Blog etc.

■ Language Learning Blogs

■ How to Travel on a Budget

■ Writing Style

■ Fitness blog

Why Blogspot is best for beginners ?

ria-describedby="caption-attachment-753" style="width: 225px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Blogspot or Blogger created by Google for helping new bloggers writers. By this Google want to help and give hosting and domain for free so they can make free website without any investment.

If you don’t have budget and not have much information about blogging and don’t want to invest some money yet so Blogspot is best for you. It give you lifetime free hosting and and give you a free subdomain for create a blog or website on blogger. It’s don’t need any coding knowledge it easily create a best blog for you in some seconds.

So blogspot is best for beginners and all of because it giving free hosting and domain for lifetime it work like premium hosting and it have many features.

Disadvantages of Using Blogspot?

Blogspot give only some features then other because other give themes and plugins.

We can’t customise it fully then other.

Some tips for beginners before creating a blog –

Choose better Name – choose better name which related to your content and based on keywords and easy to rank.

Choose better Url – Choose better url because url is also important. Don’t take different name and URL.
Example -> Blog Name – ATS
Blog URL – ATS44.COM

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

; font-family: georgia, palatino, serif;">For creating a blog on Blogspot follow these steps –

Step 1

First of all you need a Gmail account for sign up in Blogger. If you don’t have Gmail account follow these instructions.

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

First go to or Gmail app and click on Sign up button.

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Now fill your wright information.

After agreeing all terms and conditions your Gmail account ready.

And now you get confirmation mail that your account created.

After creating Gmail account follow second step.

Step 2

For creating a blog on Blogspot you need to go

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Step 3

After it you see blogger home dashboard

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Now click on Create Your Blog

Step 4

Now Login with your Gmail account credential.

Step 5

After signing fill out the Title and address of your choice name which you want make.

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

And also choose theme which you want to add.

You can also add other themes after we provide some premium blogger templates for free check out here – Top free blogger templates download | Premium version download

Now finally your free blog on Blogspot is ready and now you can use it.

Let’s talk about Blogger dashboard sections and features —

Post Section

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

After entering dashboard you will see post section first. In post you can write new post and edit draft posts and also delete post here. It only for post section.

You can simply create a new post by clicking on New Post. After you will get new post edit section which shown in below image.

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

After creating new post you can check this post plagiarism by these top 15 free plagiarism checker tool .

Stats Section

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

After post section you see stats section here you can see your post and pages views easily. It show you all data that where from how the traffic coming. And It also show source of comed traffic etc.
It show that in which country traffic coming.

Comments Section

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Now third section is comments section here you can see all comments of yours website or blog easily. You can easily modifie the comments here and delete here etc.

Earnings Section

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Now the fourth useful section is Earnings. Everyone wants to use it. Because here you can apply for adsense and start earning. It’s sign up for adsense button is Visible if your blog is ready for adsense. After sign up of Adsense it will check your website that it compatible with adsense policies and make sure that it is user friendly .

Pages Section

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Now fifth section is pages here you can create pages for your website or blog. Pages important for blog like about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer etc pages .

Layout Section

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

After all the one more useful section is layout section. Here you can change your website or blog look and you can make it attractive.

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

In layouts options you can add Gadgets, pages, html and javascript, adsense ad, profile, labels, images, Blog list, subscription links, blog search, logo, feed, Blog stats, follow by email etc. By changing this section you can make blog attractive.

Theme Section

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Now in last sections Is theme section. Here you can change your website themes by uploading and choosing.

And you can customise your blog theme by clicking on Customise button . After it you can change menus colours and other blog colours and css etc.

Settings Section

Now final and last sections is Settings here you get many blogging settings which I described below one by one.

Blogspot Basic Settings

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

In basic setting you can change Blog title, description, Privacy, Blog address, HTTPS and some other personal settings and access settings of your blog.

Note :- Make sure that you enable blog for show in search engines. It enables on privacy settings.

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Post comments and Sharing Settings

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

In this section here you can change home page settings and comments settings that who can comment and other more comments settings etc.

Blogspot Email Section

Here you can change email address.

Language and formatting Settings

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

Here you can change this setting –
Time Zone
Pacific TimeDate Header
Timestamp Format
Comment Timestamp Format
And you can also change Language and Enable transliteration for blog.

Search Preferences Settings

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

The most important settings is that Search Preferences. It use for website visibility in SEO . It best part for seo of blog.
Here you can change –

Meta tags
Custom Page
Custom ads.txt
Custom Redirects
Blog Crawlers and indexing
Custom robots header tags
Blog Errors and redirections
Google Search Console Settings

These section is increase your website visibility in Search Engines. And describe more about your blog to Search Engines.

Blogspot Other Settings

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

In other settings you can import and backup your content like that pages post comments videos etc from other blogs.

And you can also delete the blog permanently here. And also can add Google Analytics Web Property ID for monitoring website or blog.

User Settings

How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)

And last settings that user settings here you can change your profile that which you want Blogger or Google Plus.

Final Words

So I hope that you like this post. And It is quite helpful to know how to create a free blog on BlogSpot. So Blogspot really good and free blogging platforms to create a blog for free. Everyone can create and set up a blog without any coding knowledge.

So that If you still have any question yet in your mind please leave a comment.
And don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter and do subscribe to our newsletter to keep receiving updates.


How to Create A Free Blog on Blogspot (A Step by Step Guide)
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